About me

I work as a software developer for EOG Resources. While I graduated with business degrees in Finance and Entrepreneurship, I decided that I wanted to pursue my passion for technology So I taught myself Python and enrolled in some undergrad/graduate CS courses at the University of Oklahoma. 2 Semesters later I started my first software job with EOG.

Outside of work, I love music, basketball, cooking, movies, snowboarding, mountain biking, fitness, and video games. I live in Denver with my Boxer mutt, Marge, so we try to make it out to the mountains as much as possible.




STEV (Student-Teacher Eval. Visualization) is the product of myself and 2 friends being fed up with the frustrating process of sifting through PDFs to see how professors are rated by students. To remedy this, I worked with web-crawler and OCR libraries to download and parse through thousands of pages of PDFs. All this data was then aggregated and cleaned up to be posted to an API, which was displayed by a React frontend.


Docshare is a React web app with a Node backend which allows users to track revisions and sequential approvals made on Word documents. Users can upload a word document, pick users within their organization that they wish to receive revisions and approvals from, and track any actions made on that document. I leveraged an .xml parsing library in python to track pertinent changes so that they may be displayed in an easy-to-read way on the browser.


Firestarter is a little starter kit that I created, which implements the boilerplate that I tend to use when ramping up a React web app with Redux and Sagas.